Hockey Office Pools


Run your next ice hockey office pool with us to streamline the entire process.

NHL betting pools dominate the Canadian office pools landscape and are growing in popularity in the United States. We have NHL survivor, pickem, bracket and squares pools available.

We offer multiple season-long hockey pool formats or single-game pools.

You and your hockey fan friends can enjoy the excitement of office pools from the moment the puck drops in October until the conclusion of the Stanley Cup near the end of spring.

NHL Survivor Pools

NHL survivor pools are also known as suicide or eliminator pools.

You can start an NHL survivor pool at any point of the season using our software, but ideally you’ll be set-up and running for the first week of hockey action in October.

Here’s how our NHL survivor pools function:

  • Picks: Players select one NHL team to win from the Saturday slate of games.
  • Elimination: When a selected team loses, that player is eliminated from the pool.
  • Winner: The last player standing will win the entire prize pool.


In NHL survivor pools, players can only select an NHL team once every season. It’s also possible to customize the rules of the pools you manage using our software. One common rule change is the ability to have 1-2 mulligans (wrong picks) before being eliminated from the hockey survivor pool.

Another way to make your NHL survivor pool more unique is to use losers instead of winners. With this pool format, players pick one team to lose every Saturday. Players still can’t select a team more than once. Why not run a winners and losers NHL survivor pool this season?

NHL Pickem Pools

Here’s another NHL office pools format that can be run all season.

NHL pickem pools test every player’s knowledge of hockey. You’re unlikely to win a pickem pool with pure luck, especially a season-long NHL pickem pool where players will make hundreds of picks.

Here’s how our standard NHL pickem pool functions:

  • Picks: Players make a pick for every game on Saturdays during the NHL season.
  • Scoring: Players receive one point for every correct prediction throughout the season.
  • Standings: Weekly and season-long standings are calculated.
  • Winners: Player with the most points at the end of the season wins the prize pool.

NHL pickem pools allow for quite a bit of customization if desired. For instance, if the prize pool is big enough, rewarding a weekly winner with a small prize adds more excitement.

Hockey pool managers can also select how many games need to be selected on Saturday. In some of the pools we host, players only need to make their top 3/5 picks every Saturday.

NHL Playoffs Bracket Pools

Office bracket pools are only available during the NHL playoffs for hockey.

Here’s how our NHL playoffs bracket pools function:

  • Picks: Players select a team to win each NHL playoffs series when filling in their bracket.
  • Series Length: Players need to try and correctly predict the series length (bonus points).
  • Scoring: Points for correctly predicting a series winner increase every round.
  • Winner: The player with the most points at the end of the NHL playoffs wins the cash.

With progressive scoring and bonus points (series length), NHL playoffs bracket pools are exciting and even players that struggle early on still have a chance to win the pool.

This is a great format at the office because of the simplicity. Participants fill-in their bracket once and can forget about it afterwards. They don’t need to make picks every week.

NHL Squares Pools

Set-up an NHL squares pool for any game you want using our software.

Some pool managers only run squares during the NHL playoffs, but we also have some pool hosts using our software to run squares pools every time the local team is playing.

If you have a group of friends that watch the Toronto Maple Leafs, you can set-up a squares pool to run every time the Leafs play. You can use the same grid and simply randomize the numbers at the start of every game, which means players don’t need to pick new squares every game.

Here’s how our standard NHL squares pool functions:

  • Grid: The grid is 10×10 (100 squares).
  • Axis: Randomize 0-9 on the X axis and Y axis.
  • Teams: Write one team along the X axis and the other team along the Y axis.
  • Winner: Use the final score to determine the winner square.

It’s imperative the pool manager randomizes the numbers (0-9) for every game.

We also have a more unique NHL playoffs squares pool.

This pool is different from a standard pool and the winner isn’t decided until both of the conference winners have been determined. Here’s how our NHL playoffs squares pool functions:

  • Grid: The grid is 8×8 (64 squares)
  • Axis: Randomize Eastern/Western conference teams on a separate axis (X/Y).
  • Winner: The square intersecting the Eastern and Western conference champions.

This NHL playoffs squares pool only has 64 squares, so you don’t need as many players. The goal is to have the square that intersects the two teams playing for the Stanley Cup.

Managing an NHL Office Pool Using Software

Our hockey office pools are easy to set-up and will save you tons of time. Trying to track down picks every week quickly becomes a hassle, but that’s all avoided when you utilize software.

Pool participants will be able to make selections using our online pick sheets.

Here are some of the major benefits of managing your next hockey betting pool using our software:

  • Error-Free: Avoid potential problems with pick sheets (errors/illegible).
  • Automated: There’s no need to track picks down from every player each week.
  • Standings: Updated standings are viewable by all pool participants.
  • Customizations: Change the rules, scoring and tiebreakers to fit your pool’s needs.

A lot of hockey office pool software providers have limited pool formats. We aim to offer every type of NHL betting pool that’s commonly played. We also believe that pool managers should be able to customize their own pools. Manage a unique NHL office pool by switching up the rules.