Office Pools are Valuable to any Business

No matter what kind of business you are operating or who you may be managing, you must have camaraderie, and you must be fostering an environment that says “we love you, and we love what you do every day”. All too often, managers forget they are dealing with a human element and not robots.

It’s easy to focus on the tasks of the day, and projects that have looming deadlines. You are in business because somewhere there is a bottom line screaming at you “get it done”. Your people know this, and they will often stress over this. You must keep your team believing in its purpose, and the objective of the companies’ goals. If you want to do this, then you must also let them have some fun. There isn’t a better way to have a little fun and mix it up in a competitive nature, than with office pools.

Why Office Pools – How Does This Work – Is It Expensive—

–We know you have questions and we have answers. Let’s tackle them one at a time.

  1. Why Office Pools?
  • Office pools bring people together in a way that most anything else can’t do. When most people think about an office pool, they think football. Football is certainly a big part of operating an office pool, however, there is much more than football to be offered up in any office environment.
  • Not everyone enjoys or likes football. Often, many people tend to believe that everyone knows about and/or enjoys football. In an office environment, a coffee shop, a machine shop, a warehouse, or a retail center, there are many different people from all walks of life, and what one person enjoys, other people don’t.
  • Office pools bring all walks of life together simply because you don’t have to focus on one sport over another or one event over another. You might want to do a golf pool, tennis, an election, or any number of current events and/or sports. The bottom line is this – your people need something that will bring them together as a team but not with a work task as the common denominator. An office pool is just the thing to accomplish this.
  1. How Does This Work?
  • Office pools used to be difficult, especially if you have more than 10-people. Someone has to be in charge, and someone must keep it organized. This takes away from productivity time and it can also lead to favoritism and resentment.
  • Now, you can steer clear of the hassles that come with organizing an office pool, and all of the work that it takes to keep up with the winners and losers, the teams, the sport, or events.
  • You now have options, with fantastic office pool software that is built to do every little task for you. The software sets up the pool for you, it organizes all of your participants, it keeps the score of every game or even that is involved in the pool, and it does this daily, and/or weekly – as needed.
  • All you have to do is plug and play. You choose what kind of office pool that you want to kick off, ad the participants, and it’s off to the races, everything is laid out for you and every participant gets an email, every time there is an update.
  • There is no maintenance, and you do not have to be a software specialist to put this software into action. The office pool software is beyond user-friendly and you will find that it takes up almost no productivity time.
  1. Is It Expensive?

The beauty of office pool software is the simple fact that you get it all in one easy-to-operate package. Your office will have the unfettered ability to offer your people basketball, baseball, football, golf, hockey, MMA, NASCAR, Soccer, and much more.

The cost of doing business with office pool software is much more effective than having Angie from accounting running all over the office, half the week to track down players, then calculate the winner, keep track of the teams that won and lost and on, and on it goes. That antiquated way of putting together an office pool will cost you a fortune in lost productivity time. Office pool software is cost-effective and highly affordable