Office Pools Keep Comradery Alive

There was once upon a time when the goings-on in any typical office USA, they were fun, somewhat formal, but fun. Everyone worked their tails off but everyone had fun. The office knew where the boss stood because he/she communicated. They believed in face-to-face communication, not only electronic. Those were the days that we remember and love, but for the most part, those days are gone.

There once was a time when strolling down hallways meant saying hello to everyone you passed, because you knew them by name; in these times, likely, you don’t know the name of the person in the next cubical. You probably know their email address! Technology has forever changed the office environment.

Employees are busy, management is busy, upper management is often distant and cold. The office can feel like a place that has condemned the imaginative, to a life of bean-counting, and a beat of the same drum until moving on to the next office. In the past, workers didn’t think of moving on, they thought of retirement, the gold watch, the kind word, the farewell party. We know that all of this sounds like a fairytale, however, it did happen, and not so long ago.

Comradery is a thing of the past in many work environments, and that’s a sad statement. If you care about your employees on any level then you must engage them personally, on some level. Employees know what their task is, they know the current project and they will get it done more efficiently if they enjoy the environment in which they find themselves stuck for more than 40 hours per week.


  • People are changing, the times are changing, technology is changing, and COVID changed everything again!
  • Your office may not be anything close to what it used to be and depending on the nature of your business or where you may be located – your office may still be 100% remote, or partially remote on an ongoing basis.
  • Whether you are fully back in an office, you never left the office, or you are partially back, you can operate a great office pool of your choosing with office pool software.
  • YES, we live in an age when there is software for everything. The key to your car functions with software, your watch, even your refrigerator.
  • Why not offer fantastic office pools that bring the comradery back? This is what they do. If you want to get people excited to be working for you and motivated, give them an office pool
  • With great office pool software, your office will reduce the amount of time spent in preparation. If you are going to have an office pool, then someone must be in charge of the pool. They must pass out the information, they must keep records, collect money, distribute the prize, and on and on it goes.
  • “Time is money” has been said since the dawn of time, and in the time, we are in, that saying is more relevant than ever before. Time is indeed money and employees are busy people that can’t always break away from their tasks and tend to an office pool.
  • With the best office pool software, your company can now run any kind of pool that will not take up time.
  • You can operate MLB pools, NBA, NFL, NCAA Football/Basketball, NHL, the College Football Playoffs, The Final Four, the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA/NHL finals, MMA/Boxing, tennis, golf, auto racing, horse racing, and much more.

It’s a proven fact that comradery builds loyalty, it builds friendships, and most of all, it builds trust. Your employees work hard, let them play a little, let them have fun and most of all, find a path that delivers all of this with ease.

There is no need to complicate your schedule, deadlines, ongoing tasks’ and for that matter, your peace of mind. Make this easy on yourself – find the best office pool software and get started today. The cost is minimal, the ease of use is optimal, and your bottom line will get that boost it needed because your people have something new to cheer about.