Office Pools Keep Employees Engaged

Office pools have been around for decades, in one form or another. When we say “office” we mean any work environment. In this case, the office could be the wait staff at the Texas Roadhouse, welders and machinist in a metal-works shop, a retail sales crew in men’s sportswear at Dillard’s, or the night crew at a Walmart. When we say “office” we mean any work environment that has employees.

If you are a member of HR, management, part of a supervising team, or if you are any kind of a decision-maker at your workplace, then listen up. Your employees deserve to have some fun. If you care about attitude, comradery, and a sense of belonging, then you must make your workers feel as if they are trusted and important to the company.

Your employees play a vital role in the success of your brand, your business, and your bottom line. Give them something to have fun with on a daily and weekly basis. An office pool is fun, it brings s a sense of competition, but not animosity, it fosters growth and creates an overall environment of happiness.

Find the best software to operate and offer any kind of office pool that you think your employees would enjoy. You can run several of them at a time and let your employees pick and choose what pools they want to participate in.

  • The software is user-friendly, and it builds the pool for you. It is formatted and ready for downloading and emailing to every employee that chooses to participate.
  • Office pool software is not expensive. We know that every penny counts and every dept. is on a budget. The best part of using software is the cost. This software will save you loads of money in man-hours and supplies.
  • You may be thinking ‘I don’t have an office pool now or when we have run one in the past, we passed out a piece of paper to the participants.” That may be all well and good but how would you like to do this every day? No, really… You could be running office pools that manifest themselves daily. If you would choose to run these kinds of pools, you certainly don’t have the time to run around to all of your employees making sure they are in the know.
  • Your employees don’t have the time to be running around either. You don’t want to lose production time for an office pool. You don’t have to. Get the best office pool software on the market and start offering your employees a way to take a break, without losing production time.
  • People respond to a pat on the back. It may sound old school, and antiquated, but it’s not. Work environments have changed drastically over the years and the heat is on. The pressure is on to perform, to be better, to work longer hours, and to hit those goals. Your people need a break and office pools are a way to let out some steam while staying motivated.
  • With office pool software you can cut the hassle. There is no hassle and you will have to do next to nothing. Think of this like tax preparation software for a 1040EZ. It’s that easy. You simply input some information, and the software does the rest, it even emails your participants.

You have just stumbled upon the best way to keep your employees engaged, productive, and happy – it’s called comradery. You will never be sorry and you can’t fail with an effort to bring your workers together in harmony. The good news, now you can, without all of the hassles of the past.

Offering office pools is not hard, it’s downright easy with the best office pool software on the market. It’s time to do something different and time to let your employees have something to talk about other than the current deadline. Make the call today and keep your employees motivated.